Let me introduce myself….

Liz’s Pet Bakery is owned by a dog lover 🐶, made for the love of dogs (& everything else)!

Specialising in handmade, homebaked treats, great for the pet & good to the bank balance! My treats come in fully compostable plant based packaging where possible to do my bit for the environment 🌍🌳♻️ & using consciously sourced ingredients!

What goes into your pets belly is just as important as what goes into ours, I handcraft & develop all our recipes to be naturally low in fat, not filthy fillers & packed with nutritional benefits, as well as being balanced! 🍪🦴👩‍🍳

All breeds, shapes, sizes, diets & requirements can be catered for! Sharing my love for animals, one treat at a time! Perfectly supplying them with everyday treats!

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