Hand-baked natural dog treats from my fingertips to your doorstep

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Purely Natural Goodness

Pure and healthy ingredients for your pet's well-being

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Handcrafted Delights

Superior quality, handcrafted with dedication

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Sustainable Snacks

Earth-conscious treats for a sustainable future

Nutrition-Focussed Treats

Does your pooch suffer with allergies? Do they have a sensitive tum? Are you concerned about the ingredients in commercial dog treats that no-one can pronounce? 

Me too! 

What dogs eat is so incredibly important, I’m not here to say 1 type of food is best, as long as it works for you and the dog(s) – that is the important part!

Instead I am here to offer a range of complimentary dog treats for alongside their diet. No nasty fillers, preservatives, artificial colours or flavouring. Made with carefully selected ingredients, in Eco-friendly packaging and as nutrionally balanced as possible.

Want to find out more about my products? Just reach out to me!

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